Example 1 - Evaluation of an RPL-based qualification

An applicant applies for recognition of a French qualification: Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS). The qualification has been awarded primarily on the basis of RPL by the competent French authorities. The qualification should be recognised by the competent authority according to exactly the same standards as if the qualification was obtained strictly through the formal education system.

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Example 2 – Accredited online bachelor programme

The holder of a professionally-oriented bachelor degree in international trade management asks for a recognition statement for his prospective employer. The qualification was obtained through an online programme. The institution only provides distance learning programmes. It was accredited by a recognised accreditation agency responsible for distance learning programmes and is authorised to provide undergraduate and graduate studies. As such this bachelor degree may be considered in the same way, and of the same level, as any other bachelor degree from that country.

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Example 3 - Non-accredited distance learning bachelor programme

An applicant submits for recognition of a bachelor degree obtained through distance learning in country Y. The qualification was obtained in an institution providing accredited study programmes and also distance learning programmes in country X. The distance learning programme is not accredited by any specialised distance learning accreditors or by programmatic accreditors. In this case the competent recognition authority in country Y is not obliged to grant a positive decision on recognition.

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