Example 1 - Qualifications with Dual Purposes

When an applicant applies for recognition of foreign qualifications, it is beneficial to indicate the purpose for recognition, such as academic or professional. For example, an applicant with a British BTEC National Diploma (a vocationally oriented QCF/EQF level 3 qualification) can either enter the labour market within the occupational field of their qualification or seek access to a university degree in a relevant subject area.

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Example 2 - Relevance of Research Training for Purpose of Recognition

In another case, the level of research involved in an undergraduate programme may be a key consideration when evaluating the qualification for access to postgraduate study but less pertinent when the purpose of recognition is seeking employment. For instance, the lack of research training in a professionally-oriented bachelor programme (e.g. in social work) would be less important when seeking employment than when seeking admission to postgraduate education.

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