It is recommended that credential evaluators consider the purpose for which recognition is sought when assessing qualifications. More specifically, credential evaluators should consider the following points:

Before the assessment

  1. Is the purpose of recognition for further studies (academic) or access to the labour market (occupational/professional)?
Example 1 - Qualifications with dual purposes

During assessment

  1. Depending on the purpose of recognition, the assessment of the relevant learning outcomes and competencies may vary.
    1. It is recommended that foreign credentials should be assessed in a flexible manner, identifying only those substantial differences which are relevant to the purpose for which recognition is sought.
Example 2 - Relevance of research training for purpose of recognition

Reporting of assessment

  1. It is advised that the statement of recognition/qualification assessment should state clearly what the purpose of recognition is and what the rights attached to the statement are.
    1. If there are any rights attached to a statement, then the supporting legal texts should be clearly indicated and accessible.

Renewed assessment

  1. If recognition is sought for a different purpose to one previously covered by a recognition statement, a renewed assessment is advised.