Academic recognition versus professional recognition

Recognition of foreign qualifications may be sought for different purposes, the most common being for access to further education and training (academic recognition) and/or the labour market (professional recognition). Academic recognition focuses on recognition of periods of study or qualifications issued by an educational institution with regard to a person wishing to continue or to begin studying or to use an academic title. Professional recognition is an official authorisation to practice a particular profession. It deals with the assessment of knowledge and skills of a specific person.

Assessment depends on purpose of recognition

It is important to take the purpose of recognition into consideration when assessing a foreign qualification in order to ensure the assessment is both accurate and relevant. The assessment and recognition of a qualification for entry into the labour market or a regulated profession may differ from the assessment and recognition of a qualification for admission to further studies. In other words, the assessment of the required learning outcomes and competences related to a completed qualification may vary depending on the purpose of recognition.